Does Size Matter?

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New member
Jun 3, 2021
United States
Does size matter when buying a laptop? It used to be that everyone wanted a bigger screen and then came tablets and people wanted the smaller does size still matter for screens for laptops? What size is yours? I have a 17" screen and I find that's sufficient.


New member
Tech Talk Resident
Jun 25, 2021
This totally depends on your usage. If you are only using it at home or friends house, the size doesn't matter! I had a 17" MBP and I now have a 15" MBP because they cancelled the 17". To be honest? I don't really miss it. I think the major part is the resolution and DPI, that can make a 15" just as good as a 17". Either way, I think the 15" is the best overall size. I also have a 13" Surface Pro 7. It's my fav laptop, but I wish it was a tad bigger :D