PM I Got On From Admin

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New member
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May 28, 2021
I am not going to give user names, but I got this PM on the site. Why I won't be on the site selling anymore.

I am going to have to tell you that no more sales of your NIB video cards​

You are selling them one and two at a time but you are selling as a dealer, according to our stated rules.
You have sold at least 8 very expensive video cards here in the past 4 weeks.
You are making money off the backs of our membership and that is not why FS/T forum was created.
And do not say you are doing these folks a favor. A true favor would be to not buy those cards and let other
people have a chance to buy them at the close to MSRP price.

You also had a post in your profile that you recently removed that stated
" "Getting new 30 series cards all the time" "

I see you sell them on other forums so I suggest that you sell your wares there.
Or take it to eBay.

Just not here.
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New member
Tech Talk Resident
Jun 25, 2021
It's because you are considered a "dealer". Even if you sale for a reasonable price, the issue is that you have multiples of some items and said you were "getting more". That's a huge red flag there. Sorry! It is what it is....


New member
Tech Talk Resident
Jun 6, 2021
You helped a lot with those cards, a ban would have been too much! They should have only warned for that if there is a rule breaking process...