Site Grand Openning! 06/01/2021

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The Boss
Tech Talk Resident
May 28, 2021
Great day to open Tech Talk to the public.

We have many features on the site already, with many more to come. A light and a dark style to pick from. A marketplace to sell, buy, and trade in. Place to talk about tech or just everyday chatter. Account upgrades you can get for even more features.

I will be posting information on new products as I get it. I already posted about the 3080ti EVGA cards. CLICK HERE! I am not saying I will be first to do everything. Tons of other sites out there, no way to be first on everything.

I needed a place to control and track sales of the 30 series cards. The site has a store I can do that from. I really can be on the ball with things. Up front with tracking and other areas of the sale. I do plan on adding other items to the store. High end gaming and workstations rigs. Same with laptops.

Now a few things to bring up are:
Site rules!
Marketplace Rules!
Intro Yourself!

Xerfono has default items that I will edit as soon as I can.
Xenforo Default Terms & Rules!
Xerfono Default Privacy Policy!

I will not sell, trade, or give away any information about someone who signs up to the site. Unless you are a troll or a spammer. I will not sell or add to the site database to gain posts or anything else. What you see is what you get.

The @Tech-Talk account will be used for admin and store admin. Site topics like this one. I will be using the @fords8 account as my everyday account which will be moved to the admin group sooner or later. I also work and run my own business besides this. I have over 20+ years in computers. I been around!

I really hope everyone that comes to the site enjoys the content and everything it has to offer. You don't have to buy something to be a member here. And welcome to all!
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